Tehaseauto`s experienced team will safely and easily find a suitable vehicle for you from Europe. If you have already looked up a suitable car from a known European car dealer site or have us handle that time-consuming process. Either way we will arrange a thorough backround check on the chosen vehicle and the dealer as well. Gathered information will also be sent to you for an overview and as we are convinced that it is a top quality offer, we can make arrangements for a deal.

The easiest way to send us your vehicle description, is to fill the GET A QUOTE ON A CAR FROM EUROPE form. After receiving your details we will contact you and discuss the following process in detail. If you have any question regarding vehicle ordering, you are welcome to call or send an email using the contacts given on our website.

Tehaseauto partners also include banks that make a good offer, If you decide to lease a vehicle. We strongly advise to discuss through all the leasing conditions with the leasing company. You can find some necessary contacts from our website under Partners. If any question, please contact us:

Kaspar Must, sales manager

Tel. 507 0878 / 7 305 481

PS! European public vehicle dealer websites also have many fake advertisements. These usually have a lower than normal price, no phone number, no registration numbers or have been covered and dealer is not a company. We strongly recommend to also be suspicious about recently registered car dealer company ads (seller`s age is displayed under contact information). Tehaseauto is not accountable for the correctness of details displayed in the vehicle advertisement. Tehaseauto is also not accountable for any transaction that has not been made with or consulted with Tehaseauto team.